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Actively Crafting Lifelong Change

Through an integrative approach we will support every aspect of your PMDD healing journey: we will help you to identify the areas in which growth and self-awareness are needed, we will assist you to find, designate, and educate a support network, and we will work to develop a carefully tailored plan that works for your unique life experiences, support network, and circumstances.

Individual consultations

$ 145
for 50 min consultation
  • Through compassionate and thoughtful understanding, I will guide you and your supportive person to clearly and unmistakably identify how PMDD is affecting your life through a holistic (biopsychosocial) approach; after that, we will work together in creating an action plan to construct meaningful change.

Couple or Family consultations

$ 170
for 50 min consultation
  • The role of the Designated Support Person/People is vital for the success of the treatment plan. If you have someone in mind that can fulfill this role, it will be necessary that at some point during the consultation process, the consultation will be directed towards the Support Person, and also will be directed by the Support Person themselves.

For Groups

As humans, group interactions are naturally one of our first forms of connection. Through them, we learn about ourselves, our behaviours, and the behaviours of others; We learn to trust and to better cope with adversity. In Connections by Nora, group consultations are designed to present you with a mirrored experience from which you will gain a wealth of self-awareness and be more comfortable with your own way of being.

Group Consultations

$ 80
per person for 90 min consultation
  • As our name entails, we believe that connections are the base of any healing process. In the group sessions, these connections are discovered through sharing the universality of PMDD and enhanced through the unique group dynamics that transform insecurities into strengths. Bonds are formed, and a greater safe and supportive network develops through compassionate understanding and empathic active listening. 3 groups offered a year (May, September and December)

Peer Support Group via chat

Moderation by Donation
for 50 min consultation
  • In Connections by Nora, we recognize and honour the knowledge that comes with life experience. Our Peer-led Support Group is a less structured and less formal opportunity to meet with other women and their Support People in order to find further support and companionship through the open discussion of the realities of struggling with PMDD.
  • *Donations make possible to offer sliding scale consulting

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